Starting a website is fun and looks easy, just think up a good name, get some pictures and start getting business, right? Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that.

A website is a window into the company and in most cases, the first point of contact with your clients.

Prospective clients will look at a website then decide if they want to do business or not. In addition, if the website is not maintained, viewers will lose interest which can be harmful to the company brand and reputation. These facts leads to the question,

“Should I pay a once off web design fee or rather go monthly?”.

There are several advantages to paying on a per month basis.

  • Websites can’t stay the same for a whole year as they become stale. They are constantly evolving just like the business and must have additions made to keep it relevant.
  • Changes happen by the week and sometimes by the day. A change in prices, services, employees, new locations or new items to sell have to be updated on the website.
  • Businesses must routinely update information with relevant posts about current events or it becomes outdated.
  • Websites also need design elements such as, hosting, maintenance, stock images and bug fixes. By choosing the monthly payment plan, the team can stay focused on the needs of the website better.
  • It helps build a working relationship for the client and the team. Similar to having repairmen work on problems in a building on a regular basis instead of coming in at the end of the year and fix everything all at once.
  • It also makes communicating with the team so much easier.
  • A business needs constant cash flow and paying exorbitant once off fees may be difficult for many businesses especially for small businesses.


The experts at has monthly web design packages that allows for an unlimited variation of additions, alterations and changes as needed, as often as needed with a month to month website subscription.  What’s more, your standard maintenance package that comes with most of their website products, allows you to add additional maintenance hours to your package as a once off or monthly top-up for blogs, content creation or S.E.O.

Consider the cash flow, frequent updates, staying relevant, new posts and a strong relationship with a web design company. Making the right decisions will help businesses get the best results.


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