Monthly Maintenance Products

Maintenance Top-Up

Maintenance Top-Up

  • Want professional blogs?
  • Need S.E.O. for search engine rankings?
  • Ran out of ideas for new website content?
  • Get your maintenance time as needed . . .
  • Your Maintenance, Your Way!

What's In The Box

Maintenance Time Included:

Our websites, with the exception of the Landing Page Product, comes with monthly maintenance time as standard. Buy additional maintenance time as needed for Blogs, Content Creation and S.E.O. as indicated * below.

1 Day Turn-around Time:

Whatever you need done, you will hear back from us within 1 day. Just send us an email and rest assured, we won’t keep you waiting.

Content Updates:

Add as much new content as you like. We will send you a report after each update to show you how much time remains on your chosen maintenance package.  Transparent, Simple, Easy.

Monthly Backups:

We never say never. Knowing your site is safe, should anything happen, keeps us happy.

Monthly Blog: * Allocate 3 Maintenance Hours Per Blog

Flat rated at 3 Maintenance Hours per blog, we research your industry and post an amazing keyword optimized article on your website every month to keep your visitors entertained. This also helps with S.E.O. to improve your website’s search engine ranking on search engines such as Google.

Monthly Boost:

We work our magic to compress your website size so that it loads faster on any device.

Monthly Content Creation: *Allocate 3 Maintenance Hours Per Page

Flat rated at 3 Maintenance Hours per page, our copywriters will research your industry and write the content for your web page for you if you get stuck.  Use Your Maintenance Hours, Your Way, it’s totally up to you.

Monthly Development and Page Additions:

Add as many new pages as you like. You’ll receive a report after each added page to show you how much time remains on your chosen maintenance package.  Fast, Reliable, Friendly.

Monthly Marketing Media Integration:

Have a new marketing video or great marketing content that you would like to show off?  Yes, we will add that to your website too.

Monthly Search Engine Optimisation:  *Minimum 3 Maintenance Hours Per Month

Ranking high on Search Engine’s is everyone’s goal and with some patience and persistence we’ll get you there.   You’ll get a detailed monthly report to show you exactly how much your rankings are improving, so rest assured, we’ll get your website moving.

Monthly Social Media Content Updates:

Integration of your latest social media posts on your website. Coherent and consistent, the way it should be.

Monthly Website Changes:

Change the colours, layout, look and feel as well as the aesthetics of your website as often as you like, we don’t mind, it keeps your website interesting.

Monthly Website Security and SSL Certificate Updates:

To keep hackers away and to make sure search engines display your website as a secure one.

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