In today’s competitive business environment, having an online presence will help you reach a larger number of your target audience. To start your online venture, you need a website to display your products and services. You start your search for a website developer, get overwhelmed by the number of suppliers to choose from and hastily choose a supplier that best fits your needs… or so you think. After several weeks and several tweaks, you give the go-ahead and finally, your website goes live.

There’s just one problem, you cannot find your business website when running a search through as many search engines as you can think of!

Here’s why: Search engines use agents to automatically discover and scan websites for data. The agents then index the website using, amongst others, the keywords, search terms, type of content and freshness of the pages found. When a client does a search, the search engine consults the index using the keywords, search terms etc. in microseconds and displays the results which best fit the search description, in a ranked order format.

If you chose the wrong website management company, your website is most likely not rich enough in content, relevance or does not adhere to the required structure of what the search engines are looking for. If this is the case, you may as well write your company’s name in the sand hoping that a passer-by takes notice and sends some business your way. More than likely your chances are probably better of that happening than getting noticed on the web.

The key to getting your website founds and ranked highly in the search results is to partner with a company that speaks to search engines better than to their spouses.

Choose a company that stands behind their work and who guarantees results. Guarantees are not frequented by website developers as it takes extreme technical and programming skills to be able to issue guarantees and most suppliers sell this service with the mere hope that they can do something with a guarantee of nothing, claiming that it’s impossible to give guarantees for several reasons., a website development and search engine optimisation company, was created by three partners with customer satisfaction and guaranteed results in mind.

Their extensive knowledge and skills in marketing, web development, search engine optimisation, Internet management, project management and general ICT interconnectivity will aid in reviewing your business site on all levels (coding, structure, metadata, keywords, connected links, etc.) and implementing remediation actions to increase the ranking of your site on search engines.

This, in turn, will ensure that your business website adheres to the specific search engine requirements for it to be placed amongst the top-ranked websites in your business environment. In doing so, your target audience will be able to easily find your website and to start their business journey with you.

Make a conscious decision today and let your online business stand out among the rest. Visit for search engine optimisation with guaranteed results.

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