Website Design – Where to Start

With more and more people turning to the internet to source their purchases and find information in this modern age of technology, an online presence is considered critical for any business to succeed. Although most of us have some sort of experience with Social Media by now, the idea of having your own website may still be a little overwhelming. Relax; with a little information you’ll be well on your way to success. Read more

Getting Your Website Noticed Starts with Having A Good Search Engine Optimisation Website Partner

In today’s competitive business environment, having an online presence will help you reach a larger number of your target audience. To start your online venture, you need a website to display your products and services. You start your search for a website developer, get overwhelmed by the number of suppliers to choose from and hastily choose a supplier that best fits your needs… or so you think. After several weeks and several tweaks, you give the go-ahead and finally, your website goes live.

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Web design and Maintenance Packages: Monthly or Once Off?

Starting a website is fun and looks easy, just think up a good name, get some pictures and start getting business, right? Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that.

A website is a window into the company and in most cases, the first point of contact with your clients.

Prospective clients will look at a website then decide if they want to do business or not. In addition, if the website is not maintained, viewers will lose interest which can be harmful to the company brand and reputation. These facts leads to the question,

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A Good Website Design Starts With 5 Easy Briefing Tips


 There was a time when all it took to run a business was to register the business, rent a shop, print some flyers and the business was good to go. Those days are long gone!

Today, many businesses are actually virtual in nature with most operations and activities taking place online. Business with an online presence by way of a website is now the norm rather than the exception.

However, unless you are an experienced web designer, you have to deploy the services of one. A web design and SEO company that will not only build you a professional and fully functional website, but also help drive traffic to your site through a contrived and documented series of SEO campaigns.

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